You may have voted with the majority of Californians to legalize marijuana in the state, but your ballot doesn’t matter to the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

The Orange County board Tuesday voted to ban marijuana sales, distribution and cultivation before a new state law allowing cannabis cultivation and use for adults takes effect on Jan. 1.

The county board had to fashion an “urgency” ban, because otherwise it would have left the state open to issuing licenses to marijuana dispensaries from Jan. 1-5. An ordinary approval of a ban would have taken effect Jan. 5.

Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson was the lone dissenting vote. The ban required at least four supervisors approving it.

Unlike a preliminary approval of the ban last month, there was no debate Tuesday.

However, Nelson noted “the irony of an urgency item to stop something every one of our districts voted to allow.”

Nelson previously argued the county was thumbing its nose at the will of voters, who approved the decriminalization of marijuana last year with Proposition 64. However, the new state law gives municipalities the right to restrict marijuana use.

The new state law, which takes effect Jan. 1, allows for the recreational use of marijuana for residents 21 and older and the cultivation of up to six plants.

–City News Service

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