Newport Beach.  Courtesy photo
Newport Beach. Courtesy photo

If you liked Saturday’s weather, guess what? You’ll like Sunday’s weather, and Monday’s weather, and Tuesday’s weather …

The Southland forecast for the next few days holds no surprises, as Los Angeles-area residents can expect mild temperatures under party cloudy skies on Sunday as gusty winds subside. Things will be pretty much the same through Tuesday.

By Wednesday skies may start clouding up and there’s even a chance of showers by Thursday.

But for now, the National Weather Service forecast Sunday calls for patchy fog in the morning then highs of around 70 at the beaches to the mid to upper 70s inland. Overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 50s.

The mountains of Los Angeles County will still be buffeted by gusty winds, and drivers were urged to be cautious.

Coastal Orange County will also be partly cloudy, with highs 67 to 72 and lows overnight of 52 to 57.

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