Flames behind a lifeguard tower
Falmes from the Woolsey Fire behind a lifeguard tower near Malibu. Courtesy OnScene.TV

Nearly half of the nation’s adults don’t have a home inventory list, putting themselves at risk for potential stress in the event of a major loss caused by a flood, tornado or wildfire, according to results of a survey.

There is a generational gap about having a have a home inventory list, with 49 percent of millennials surveyed saying they’ve inventoried their homes while 57 percent of baby boomers polled said they had never completed an inventory list, according to data released Wednesday in Farmers Insurance Seasonal Smarts Digest.

“It may not be the most Instragram-able way to spend a Saturday night, but taking a weekend to create a home inventory list is a great example of how a little precaution can go a long way in the future,” said Jim Taylor, head of claims customer experience for Farmers Insurance.

“Spring is a great time of the year to build your inventory list process into your annual list of spring cleaning to-dos,” Taylor said.

Taylor also suggested going room to room to make an itemized list of all belongings, utilizing a video log in creating a home inventory list. He also recommended keeping the home inventory list in a secure location, such as a safety deposit box, and backing up the video log or photos to a safe cloud storage provider.

These lists enable insurance companies to review a complete record of what was damaged, as well as the value, and determine what needs to be replaced, Taylor said.

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