City Councilman David Ryu said Friday he will join the First-In Fire Foundation and the Original Farmers Market to deliver meals to firefighters at 13 stations on Saturday, which is Fire Service Day.

The meals are being provided through the Firehouse Dinners pilot program, which is funded by the First-In Fire Foundation and Ryu’s office to bring meals prepared by restaurants within the Original Farmers Market in the Fairfax District to local firefighters as they deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Los Angeles firefighters continue to serve our city with courage throughout this coronavirus pandemic,” Ryu said. “Most years, we’d celebrate Fire Service Day with a community celebration or pancake breakfast. This year, I thought we could show our appreciation and our support for small businesses by buying meals for all the fire stations in Council District Four.”

The program allows the firefighters to choose meals from restaurants and vendors within the market. Although many of the eateries have remained open for to-go meals, they have seen a drop in business since the coronavirus pandemic hit Los Angeles, according to Ryu’s office.

“Firefighters traditionally shop, cook and pay for their own dinners themselves, but right now our firefighters are safer to serve us (without standing in) grocery store lines,” said Lyn Cohen, president of the First-In Fire Foundation.

Firehouse Dinners began on April 8 with meals to Fire Station 61.

“The Los Angeles Fire Department is extremely grateful to Councilmember Ryu and the First-In Fire Foundation for their generous donation to several of our fire stations,” LAFD Deputy Chief Graham Everett said. “Councilmember Ryu has always been a strong supporter of public safety, and we truly appreciate his efforts to recognize our members on Fire Service Day.”

To participate in First-In Fire Foundation and the Firehouse Dinners program, visit

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