Photo by John Schreiber.
Photo by John Schreiber.

Amateur car racers tried to shut down a major freeway in South Los Angeles on Sunday, but ended up getting boxed in and arrested by a police show of force against the impromptu “Fast And Furious”-style rally.

The Glenn Anderson (105) Freeway was swarmed by officers from the California Highway Patrol, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Los Angeles Police Department during the incident, which also resulted in several high-speed chases.

All traffic was stopped by officers on the eastbound 105 Freeway from Crenshaw Boulevard to Vermont Avenue. Video shot by freelance camera crews showed officers searching cars, frisking suspects and arresting people.

A CHP spokesman said charges would be pressed against racers for violating numerous vehicle code sections, as well as for narcotics violations and possessing stolen firearms and stolen vehicles.

Numerous drivers were given field sobriety tests and some were arrested. No arrest total was immediately available, but the videographer said “dozens” of people were placed in police cars.

The three large agencies were ready when the illegal drag racers tried to block the freeway to regular traffic, said CHP Officer Tony Polizzi.

“We investigated and determined who the involved parties were that initiated the closure attempt, conducted appropriate enforcement action, and then released traffic,” said Polizzi.

Police cars were used to block the freeway, and that closure prompted a SigAlert to be issued from 3:30 a.m. to 4:48 a.m.

He said no injuries were reported to any law enforcement or suspects and that the CHP were in the process of compiling statistics from their area offices, as well as from other law enforcement agencies.

“This growing situation (illegal racing and cruising) draws in spectators who create a public safety hazard through their unsafe driving,, obstruction of public roadways, and increasingly violent behavior,” Polizzi said. “These events have directly impacted public access to roadways, businesses and private property.

“Crimes and acts of violence have been committed against innocent motorists and vehicles attempting to pass through these illegal events, as well as random acts of vandalism by spectators aiding and abetting these illegal activities,” he said.

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