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A coyote that was being tracked by the National Park Service and was found dead in MacArthur Park last month apparently drowned, although it’s unknown how it wound up in the water, authorities announced Wednesday

The female coyote, dubbed C-146, was found dead Dec. 4 near the lake at MacArthur Park — soaking wet and covered in algae, according to the NPS.

“In the location she was found dead, it would have been extremely difficult for her to climb out due to the steep cement walls along the lake,” according to Justin Brown, a National Park Service biologist. “But I’m unsure why C-146 went into the lake. She may have jumped in to pursue a duck or waterfowl. She also may have fallen in while trying to get a drink, as animals commonly become very thirsty when exposed to anticoagulants, high levels of which were found in her body.”

The coyote was originally captured and tagged with a radio collar on Sept. 23 as part of an NPS study of how coyotes live in urban areas.

“It’s really disappointing to lose her. The data we were collecting from her movements were very interesting,” Brown said.

C-146 was captured near the Los Angeles River in the northeastern part of the city. Park officials said she traveled as far south as downtown Los Angeles along the river, moved throughout Elysian Park and eventually into the Westlake area.

—City News Service

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