A Los Angeles police sergeant is suing the city, alleging she was harassed and discriminated against by a supervisor who subjected her to disparate treatment after she was injured on the job.

Sgt. Bridget Pickett’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges discrimination, retaliation, harassment and failure to take steps to prevent discrimination, harassment and retaliation. She seeks unspecified damages in the suit filed Thursday.

A representative for the City Attorney’s Office could not be immediately reached.

For more than three years, Pickett and other officers with disabilities have been subjected to a hostile work environment created by her supervisor, Commander Anne Clark, according to the suit.

“From the outset, Commander Clark made it clear to plaintiff that she looked down on officers who went off Injured-on-duty status,” the suit states.

In December 2017, Pickett told Clark she was going to have surgery on one of her feet for an on-duty injury, prompting Clark to react with “disappointment,” the suit states.

A month later, when Pickett told Clark she needed a second surgery on the same foot due to a loose screw, Clark replied, “Are you kidding me?” the suit alleges.

Clark then stopped talking to Pickett and left her out of the supervisor’s email communications list, the suit states.

In June 2018, when Pickett tried to pick up a box to assist a female officer, Clark said, “You better not pick that up. I don’t want you going off work again,” according to the suit.

Clark later harassed Pickett by accusing her of not paying for use of a parking space and downgraded her to a lower-ranking sergeant, the suit alleges.

In May 2019, an LAPD captain alleged further retaliation removed Pickett as the acting assistant watch commander and initiated a complaint against her alleging she failed to render aid during a shooting in Harbor Division, even though she was transporting a civilian observer that evening, the suit states.

In August 2019, the captain stripped Pickett of all supervisory duties, reassigned the sergeant to desk duty, forbade her from supervising any employees and said she could not work overtime shifts, the suit states.

Pickett’s doctor placed her on medical stress leave in September 2019 and her workers compensation claim was denied four months later, the suit states. In addition, Pickett was placed on leave in December 2019 pending surgery for another work injury, the suit states.

Pickett’s health has suffered under her work conditions, the suit states. She also has lost regular pay and overtime, has been downgraded and fears being fired, according to the suit. The LAPD has not addressed Pickett’s allegations against Clark, the suit states.

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