Police - Photo courtesy of Valokuva24 on Shutterstock

The LAPD shut down the newly opened Sixth Street bridge to traffic overnight because of street takeover and illegal traffic, and community members Tuesday are saying they are concerned about those who use the bridge.

Drivers left skid marks and damaged the bridge, with some cars doing donuts on the road and leaving tire marks on the pedestrian ramps on Monday night, according to media reports.

“It is the way things go, there’s positive uses and negative uses and everything in between. I think it’s just the fabric of the city,” Cameron Mayer, a visitor, told NBC 4.

The LAPD street racing task force shut down the bridge overnight because of the amount of illegal traffic and people climbing the pillars for photos, NBC 4 reported.

“I understand their excitement about the new bridge and about it opening. The idea of people especially climbing the arches makes me really nervous that someone could get hurt,” Sherry Carter, a downtown LA resident, told NBC 4.

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