Photo by John Schreiber.

Regardless of your views of Los Angeles School Board performance, members of the controversial body will soon get a tax-funded pay increase that will more than double their salaries.

The government committee that decides such things has voted to raise the yearly pay for Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education members with no outside employment to $125,000 a year from $45,637.

Board members who receive any salary or honorarium elsewhere will receive $50,000 a year, compared with the previous figure of $26,437.

The increased amounts will take effect in 60 days after Monday’s vote, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Charter Measure L, approved by voters in 2007, created the LAUSD Board of Education Compensation Review Committee, which meets every five years to set compensation and benefits for board members.

When it last met in 2012, the committee, with different members, voted to make no changes to the salaries.

—City News Service

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