Legislation is being proposed that would call for Los Angeles International Airport to install marijuana amnesty boxes where passengers could surrender cannabis before departing on flights.

Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell Englander, representing District 12, introduced the idea Friday — 4/20 — because April 20 is an informal holiday for cannabis enthusiasts. He said LAX would be joining several airports across the country that have already installed similar amnesty boxes allowing travelers to avoid punishment for bringing pot on flights.

California law allows adults ages 21 and older to use, purchase, possess or grow a certain amount of marijuana for recreational use, but those activities are still illegal under federal law, which has jurisdiction over air travel.

Those who mistakenly carry cannabis with them on a flight face verbal warnings, fines or even arrest, and the councilman said he wants to mitigate those chances for travelers who might have enjoyed marijuana legally in California.

“We want to make sure that residents and visitors to Los Angeles can enjoy a bummer-free experience at our airport,” Englander said. “And while it is not encouraged that travelers have marijuana on their person when they arrive at LAX, this motion provides an easy remedy for the occasions when this does occur so that flyers can stay on the right side of the law.”

As the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana use, Englander said it’s important for California to take steps to inform and protect law abiding citizens.

“This legislation sends the message: surrender your supply before you fly,” he said.

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