Rush Limbaugh is hardly shy about sharing his opinions. So when he begged off backing Donald Trump, it opened eyes across his Excellence in Broadcasting Network.

Rush Limbaugh. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Pushed by a caller Monday to endorse the presumptive GOP nominee, Limbaugh said: “I think it’s a moot point now. … In the words of a famous and well-known politician: What difference does it make now?”

The Blaze noted that Limbaugh “never thought that it was so important for him to share his opinions on everything so his audience can follow his lead.”

The caller wouldn’t let up, saying: “He needs your endorsement! It’s that important! And it’s about time you did it!”

“It’s not what I do,” said the conservative talk-show host, who praised Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in this primary season.

What did social media do? Weigh in.

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