The national nightmare is over for Celoron, New York — the hometown of Lucille Ball whose 2009 statue of the “I Love Lucy” star was labeled a “disasterpiece.”

New statue of Lucille Ball in western New York state. Photo via Twitter
A new statue went up Saturday in the town of 1,250. It’s getting two thumbs up.

As The New York Times reported: “The replacement statue, referred to as New Lucy by its creator, Carolyn Palmer, was unveiled at a ceremony … on what would have been the comedian’s 105th birthday. It is a more lifelike representation of the “I Love Lucy” star than its predecessor, a grimacing, glaring hulk that would be unrecognizable were it not for a bottle of Vitameatavegamin in her hand.”

Palmer was quoted as saying: “Lucy fans are all hugging me and saying, ‘Thank you.’ They’re all very passionate about Lucy. They feel somehow that she was desecrated before. They see her as a Hollywood icon, a god. I was glad they felt she had been honored.”

The Times added: “The original statue’s detractors eventually came to include the artist who created it, the sculptor Dave Poulin, who said in a 2015 letter to The Hollywood Reporter that he considered it to be ‘by far my most unsettling sculpture.’ He said that the work was originally made for a couple who donated it to the town and that he had wanted to redo it for several years before the controversy erupted.”

Celeron Mayor Scott Schrecengost said: “A little over a year ago, we got beat up pretty good.”

A Facebook page did much of the beating up, but is celebrating now.

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