Who won the first presidential debate? The American people, of course. But NBC’s Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel were close runners-up.

Seth Meyers on NBC comments on first presidential debate. Image via YouTube.com
Who won the TV host contest Tuesday for post-showdown hilarity?

We’re going with Kimmel’s “Drunk Debate,” which slowed and slurred the speech of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It recalled the classic TV inebriate Foster Brooks, who died in Encino in 2001 at age 89.

But Meyers was a close second. Regarding Trump’s reference to a hacker being “somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds,” Meyers in a “Closer Look” segment reacted: “Wow, Trump is so superficial he just fat-shamed a dude he just made up.”

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

“Late Night With Seth Meyers”

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