Alec Baldwin served notice that “Saturday Night Live” will continue to be “Saturday Night Trump” when he returns for the show’s Sept. 30 season premiere.

Alec Baldwin impersonates President Trump at Phoenix rally. Image via
“Baldwin’s Trump impersonation revitalized the show last season, kicking off a string of political parodies that drew the attention of the real president and more recently helped earn Melissa McCarthy, aka SNL‘s Sean Spicer, an Emmy for guest actress on a comedy series,” Deadline noted.

Baldwin said he would do Trump at least a couple of times o SNL, telling Ellen DeGeneres: “We’re going to do it.”

The Hollywood Reporter said that despite Baldwin’s Trump impression being widely seen, Johnny Depp has yet to see it.

“When Depp stopped by her show, the actor who played the president in a faux Art of the Deal biopic… confessed to never seeing Baldwin’s Trump,” THR said.

DeGeneres suggested Baldwin and Depp have a “Trump-off.”

“I’ve seen every Johnny Depp movie and I know every line from every Johnny Depp movie,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin was down with a battle of impressionists, but he wanted DeGeneres to join them, saying: “We can do that or even better, we can have him on the show and me on the show and the three of us do a Columbo-off.”

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