A watch party organized by Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Football Club for three 2018 FIFA World Cup games will be held Saturday at La Cita in downtown Los Angeles.

The party will include beer specials, raffle items and giveaways.

LAFC will team up with members of its Bar Partner Program for watch parties during the World Cup’s group stage. The next party will be Sunday at The Parlor in Hollywood with two games, beginning with the 8 a.m. game between Mexico and Germany.

The first game of Saturday’s party will match Iceland, which is making its World Cup debut, against Argentina, the 2014 runner-up.

The game from Moscow’s Spartak Stadium is set to begin at 6 a.m.

Iceland is the smallest of the 32 nations in the tournament with a population of just under 335,000, less than the combined total of Glendale (205,536) and Pasadena (144,388).

Iceland qualified by finishing first in its six-team group of European teams with a 7-2-1 record, including victories over Croatia, which also qualified for the World Cup, Ukraine and Turkey.

Iceland is 22nd in the rankings compiled by FIFA, soccer’s international governing body. Argentina is ranked fifth.

Iceland is 0-4-2 since Nov. 8, including an 0-3-1 record in 2018.

Iceland’s roster consists of five players who play for club teams in England, four in Denmark, three each in Iceland and Russia, two in Germany and one each in Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Wales.

All but one of the last names of Iceland’s players end in son. The exception is goalkeeper Frederik Schram, who was born in Denmark to a Danish father and an Icelandic mother.

Argentina needed a hat trick from Lionel Messi to defeat Ecuador, 3-1, in its final South American qualifier to qualify for its 12th consecutive World Cup and 17th overall. It won the World Cup in 1978, and 1986.

Argentina is 4-2 since Oct. 10, including a 2-1 record in 2018. Its roster consists of five players who play in Italy, four each in Argentina and England, three in Spain, two each in France and Portugal and one each in China, Mexico and Netherlands.

The second game of the watch party will begin at 9 a.m. and match Denmark and Peru. It will be followed at noon by the game between Croatia and Nigeria.

Fox Sports 1’s coverage of the Croatia-Nigeria game will be shown live on a movie-size screen at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills.

Admission is free. Paley Center members receive preferred seating.

Games throughout the tournament will be shown at the Paley Center. Games that include a Spanish-speaking nation will be shown in Spanish.

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