Sunline Transit Agency, in cooperation with Kounkuey Design Initiative, unveiled a prototype shade structure at a bus stop in the Oasis area Monday.

Along with the Oasis Leadership Committee, the two organizations unveiled the large colorful prototype display at the SunLine bus stop at the Avenue 66th and Harrison Street.

A heat-impacts study commissioned by the design company and Oasis Leadership Committee with the Luskin Center for Innovation at UCLA, in an effort to understand the effects of drastic heat changes on Oasis residents, pointed to the scarcity of shade in the area, according to a joint statement from KDI and STA.

The shade structure will be an effort to demonstrate, over the course of one month, how the problems caused by extreme heat in Oasis can be alleviated by access to shade, according to the agencies.

Residents will have the opportunity to offer feedback and possibly encourage SunLine to explore similar infrastructure options in the future.

KDI and UCLA developed the shade structure by hosting various community design workshops with the Oasis Leadership Committee. Throughout the process, various factors were taken into account, such as heat-resilient features, the pandemic, space, safety, age diversity and art.

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