A cash register's money drawer. Photo from Pixabay.
A cash register’s money drawer. Photo from Pixabay.

A gunman took a cash register filled with about $2,000 in currency from a Santa Ana liquor store early Wednesday morning following a struggle with the clerk, who wasn’t hurt, police said.

The robbery was reported at 12:18 a.m. at Valley Liquors at 2429 W. Edinger Ave.

The suspect “goes in, walks to one of the food aisles, turns around — and it appears he did not know there were two additional customers in the store — points a weapon at the clerk and racks a round with a semi-automatic pistol,” said Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna.

The frightened clerk ran toward the back of the store, where two other customers were hiding, “and the suspect chases all three out of the store,” Bertagna said.

“He tries to open the cash register, but he’s unable to do so, so he rips it out and he flees with the register,” Bertagna said.

Investigators were checking to see if the robbery was connected to another liquor store holdup about two hours earlier in Fullerton, but it’s unlikely since the suspect in Fullerton’s stickup was described as black, Bertagna said.

–City News Service

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