The Palm Springs Swim Center will reopen Tuesday after being shut down due to staffing shortages caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The pool will return from its temporary shutdown on Feb. 1, according to city spokeswoman Amy Blaisdell. The pool had only recently reopened on Jan. 19 before it needed to close down again on Jan. 25 due to staffing shortages.

The pool’s first closure that lasted from Jan. 10-19 was a part of a larger shutdown of all Palm Springs city facilities caused by the surge of COVID-19 cases. The citywide shutdown was expected to last two to three weeks and is currently ongoing.

City clerk, planning, engineering, building, business license and other services are available over the phone or by email during the closures. According to Blaisdell, in-person appointments can still be made for work that cannot be done by phone or email.

The closure also applies to the Palm Springs Public Library, which continues to offer pickup services via its Library-A-Go-Go Program.

The closures will be reevaluated as new data about COVID cases becomes available, according to officials.

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