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A man sued the manufacturer and seller of an e- cigarette Monday, saying that he suffered serious burns after the battery in the device exploded in his pocket.

Kevin Endo filed the products liability suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the Vapor Spot. The suit seeks unspecified damages.

A woman who answered the phone at the Vapor Spot in Hollywood declined to comment on the lawsuit, but she said other similar businesses are using the name Vapor Spot without her entity’s permission.

According to the complaint, Endo is a former cigarette smoker who turned to vaping in 2012 because he thought the devices were a more healthy alternative. He bought a Chinese-made lithium-ion battery from the Vapor Spot on Nov. 9, the suit states. The Munstro Mod e-cigarette was manufactured and sold by the Vapor Spot, the suit states.

Endo was inside his friend’s hotel room on Nov. 14 after a night out when he felt a burning sensation on the upper part of his left leg, where the e- cigarette was being kept in his pant pocket, the suit states.

Endo felt the area getting “hotter and hotter,” according to the lawsuit.

“Suddenly, the heat was more than he could bear, and he realized he was being burned,” the suit states. “As he shook his leg and pushed on the burning object with both of his thumbs, he felt a burning metal object begin to fall through his pocket inside his pants down his leg.”

Endo realized that the e-cigarette battery had exploded and was on fire, the suit states.

“Once on the floor, the battery burned and sparks shot out like a Fourth of July firework, ultimately leaving a burn mark on the carpeted floor of the hotel room,” according to the lawsuit.

Endo sought medical care and was told he had second- and third-degree burns on his thumbs and his left leg, the suit states.

Along with his physical injuries, Endo is “emotionally scarred” as a result of the incident, according to his complaint.

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