The Desert Sands Unified School District reported a total of 81 active COVID-19 cases among students and staffers Friday — a drop of 11 cases from last Friday’s numbers.

According to the district’s online case tracker Friday, 74 students and seven staff members across 38 schools have tested positive for COVID-19.

La Quinta Middle School had nine active student cases, the most of any school in the district as of Friday.

According to the district, 15 of the 38 schools listed on the dashboard have no active COVID-19 cases.

The district updates the COVID case tracker website daily and breaks down case numbers per school, distinguishing between cases involving students and staff.

Once a case is no longer considered active, it is removed from the district’s tracker. Cases are added to the dashboard within 24 hours of verification, and anyone who was potentially exposed is informed.

More than 27,000 students returned to classrooms Aug. 18 under new COVID-19 protocols that include mask-wearing indoors regardless of vaccination status. Masks are optional outdoors, and mask exemption forms can be filed by people who cannot wear them due to medical reasons, according to an 18-page document highlighting the district’s COVID-19 precautions.

DSUSD’s COVID-19 active case dashboard and COVID-19 guidelines can be found at

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