A sad lonely picture of Hugh Hefner bored by rare sex and without intimacy is emerging after his death at 91.

Stephen Galloway met Hugh Hefner six years ago at the Playboy Mansion, and wrote about the experience for The Hollywood Reporter.

But now that the icon is gone, Galloway apparently spills more beans in a story titled “The Sad Secrets of His Final Years Revealed.”

It isn’t pretty.

Contrary to his “Die Hard” image, Hef by 91 wasn’t a model of machismo.

Galloway writes of his visit: “There were many surprises during that week of talks, not least, how entirely sexless his temple of sex had become. I remember seeing the statue of a phallus, along with portraits of a naked former girlfriend, but those things aside, the house was extraordinarily tame.

“My two horny Hollywood neighbors were getting laid more than anyone in this pagoda of perversity.”

The British-born writer said he was surprised by Hefner’s aloneness.

“True, a dozen or so pals would regularly gather for these movie nights, a twice-weekly event as routine as everything else in Hef’s hyper-ordered life. But none of them seemed to have a truly intimate relationship with him, any more than the young women who slipped in and out of his home, using it as a temporary hostel only a wee bit more exciting than the YWCA.”

Galloway quoted a Howard Stern interview with Hef’s ex Crystal Harris, “where she alleged they’d only had sex once: ‘I was drinking,’ she said. ‘It was, “Whatever, why not try it out?” He’s had so much sex, he’s kind of over it. [It lasted] two seconds. It was an out-of-body experience.’”

Galloway found Hefner “fragile, lonely and slightly sad, perhaps incapable of achieving real intimacy, even as he must have craved it. And yet it was his very fragility that made him so endearing.”

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