The Riverside County Board of Supervisors Tuesday unanimously denied a proposed 1,800-acre residential development just east of Coachella and south of Joshua Tree National Park, deeming the project incompatible with area habitat and devoid of the transportation infrastructure and other necessities to make it viable.

“Is this ambitious project even feasible?” said Supervisor Manuel Perez, in whose Fourth District the Paradise Valley Project would have been located. “Maybe it’s the right project, but the wrong place. You would literally be creating a town for over 15,000 people, similar to Blythe. When we’re planning for the future of families who will live in a place like that, we have to do it in a sustainable way, and above all, make sure it’s safe.”

Palm Desert-based GLC Enterprises had been working on the proposal for 15 years, making modifications to get the specific plan approved, along with a general plan amendment and a zoning adjustment for the Chuckwalla Zoning Area.

However, the county Planning Commission rejected the concept after a half-dozen public hearings, the last of which was in August, when the proposal was submitted to the Board of Supervisors for final review, with a recommendation from staff for denial.

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