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Mist, clouds and light drizzle greeted some Southland motorists Wednesday as a low-pressure system pushed its way into the area, and more of the same is expected into Saturday.

“The low-pressure system that’s moving in is deepening the marine layer … so it’s bringing a lot of moisture with that, a lot of clouds,” Stuart Seto, weather specialist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard, told City News Service. “With that we’ve been getting sprinkles around the area — downtown, Burbank.”

He said the moisture in the air also means motorists were likely seeing mist building up on their windshields, but the light rain was only falling in select areas.

The cloud cover is expected to linger over much of the area throughout the day, although some outlying areas such as Lancaster and Palmdale were seeing some clearing — along with gusting winds.

The moist weather will continue Thursday and Friday morning, with similar conditions expected, Seto said. He said the drizzling rain will likely be more widespread on Thursday.

By Friday afternoon, there’s a roughly 20 percent chance of rain showers or thunderstorms in the mountains, he said.

The low-pressure system is expected to begin weakening on Saturday.

“It doesn’t really go away, it starts to weaken,” Seto said.

By Sunday afternoon, temperatures will be back in the 70s in the downtown Los Angeles area, he said.

Although the moisture will do little to relieve the area’s drought, water agency officials urged residents to take advantage of the wet conditions and turn off their irrigation systems.

—City News Service

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